One fun thing about blogs is you get to lie. People these days don't care whether stuff is true or not, as long as it's just interesting enough to keep you from looking for the damn remote. And these days that's setting a pretty low bar. The other day I actually watched 45 minutes of Dead Anna Nicole and Bald Brittany shit. It started on Entertainment Tonight and ran over into Dateline NBC so seemlessly you hardly noticed anything had changed. Except when Ann Curry started projecting that impassioned concern of hers over any damn thing that comes down the pike, I achieved critical mass and went looking for the damn remote. I think it all starts with advertising. Nobody believes anything they hear on commercials, we all know it's just spin. And they know we know. Their message is, just go along with us, and you'll share in the rewards eventually. The rewards being the latest new flat-screen TV which we use to bombard ourselves with more of same and pretend we don't know that we're gouging great hunks out of our planet in order to keep up this sedentary free-fall that--Oh no! I'm going Commie again! Sorry, everybody. I'll go attend my re-education class now. It's taught by Mary Hart.