square 28.jpg I lunched with ladies today. One of them was Pastor Dotti. Pastor Dotti sowed her wild oats until it was time to start a church. Cindee is a friend of Pastor Dotti's. Cindee told a story about the time she was supposed to meet a nun for lunch. She looked and looked, but saw no nun. Finally a woman wearing thongs and a striped tee shirt came up to her and introduced herself as Sister Bernard. Pastor Dotti interrupted the story: "The nun was wearing a THONG?" "Not A thong, THONGS, Pastor Dotti! You know, like sandals?" "I've never seen a nun wearing a thong," said Pastor Dotti, as if she had been excluded from an experience the rest of us shared. "Don't order dessert," Betsy whispered to me. "I've got some sticky buns out in the mini van." Good times. I'm not making this up.