Okay, there are degrees of brilliance. I'll grant you that. But that's all I'll grant you. I'm sorry, I'm not in the business of granting you stuff. That may sound tough, maybe even brusque, but there it is. Deal with it. This is tough love, if you will. There are people who devote their lives to granting stuff, God bless them. There are even people who devote their lives to getting people to grant them stuff. We should bring these people together in a building and close the loop. If the grant-seekers were seeking grants to support grant-givers, that would be especially fine. And that would take care of the granting segment of our population, and I wouldn't feel compelled to grant stuff to you lot, such as that this idea may not be quite as brilliant as advertised. That it may indeed stretch the definition of brilliance to the breaking point. Which could be thought of as a brilliant thing in itself, if you look at it the right way. Few people, though, would be inclined to look at it the right way, I'll grant you that.