Boy was my face red!!!

I'm not sure I should tell this but here goes. Last year I bought a pair of thong underpants with a leopard skin print but I never tried them on. It was kind of a joke to myself. But last night after supper (sloppy joes! yum!) I tried them on in front of the mirror. I thought it might pick up my spirits a little bit. And guess who walked right in my room without knocking? You guessed it! My Mom!!!! I was real embarased because I was trying to look at my butt. I was just curious about what they looked like on me that's all. Well I kind of lost my temper and yelled about being 46 and deserving my own privacy etc. etc. But the worst part of all was my Mom didn't get shocked or angry, she was just laughing. She wouldn't stop laughing. So I had to slam the door.