Two interesting things happened while I was sketching this idyllic scene in Prospect Park. First, a large elderly Jewish man strode into the scene. While I was hurriedly including his entrance, he took a seat in the pavilion (that's also him on the left). Shortly after, a woman sat down next to me. She looked a little haggard, but otherwise very conventional. She watched me for a few minutes, then asked, "Do you know Jane?" "I don't think so," I answered, and after a moment she added, "Jane draws too." My first inclination was to say, "Oh, that Jane," but I didn't. She waited another few minutes, and then said, "Do you know what oral sex is?" Once again, I considered saying, "Oh, that Jane," but once again restrained myself. Instead, I said "yeeah...", and it came out exactly the way Kramer said it when Crazy Joe Davola asked him if he was afraid of clowns. Like a child. It must have been the right answer, though, because she got up and left. This is the kind of experience that sketching in Norfolk just doesn't provide you.