For you poor deprived out-of-towners, the STOP organization, created to provide services for the underprivileged, has slowly self-destructed, having engaged for years in misfeasance, malfeasance, unfeasance, and every other negative form of feasance imaginable. Last week, their house having already burned down, they announced a thorough housecleaning and examination of their policies. Thus the cartoon. I post it here because nobody under 30 reads the paper any more, and several younger people of my acquaintance have been startled to learn that I am in the midst of my third year of churning these out. I'm not one of these crusty oldsters, the kind portrayed these days by Clint Eastwood, who bemoan the decline of print media among the more newly-minted generations (okay, yes I am, but I pretend I'm not in order to curry favor among my more youthful friends) (damn, tripped up by confessional parentheticals again! I keep forgetting that people can actually read these!)--I enjoy getting my daily synaptical massages online, they being a perfect fit with my Adult ADD, and I even read my parent paper in its online edition. Ancient grinches like I would be except I'm not claim that we've created a new generation of wild-child know-nothing idiots, conveniently forgetting how our parents and peers used to boast that they read the papers just for the funnies, or the sports, or the coupons, and routinely parked themselves in front of the teevee for Petticoat Junction marathons. And elected both Nixon and Reagan, for chrissake! The fact is, we're largely a nation of yahoos, and while that has demographic implications, I include in that definition PC-addled academics and knee-jerk liberal bloggers. I'm an equal-opportunity hater. And isn't that the American Way?


My assignment is to cartoon about local issues, so I have to bite my tongue when national Republican leader John Boehner responds to proposed CO2 emission regulations with the argument that cows emit CO2 when they fart. This statement is erroneous in so many ways I bet even Republicans can spot a few of them. You don't get this quality of idiocy down here in the minors.


Now I'm doing editorial cartoons. This one might need a bit of explanation. Virginia Republicans are creating a PR nightmare for themselves by opposing Federal funds intended to help the unemployed, as well as generally opposing everything the Dems are trying to do to dig us out of our economic mess, without offering any alternative except a continuation of the policies that got us into the mess (nobody has ever accused Virginia politicians of being too brainy.) Anyway last week was also the annual and infamous parade of Ringling Bros. elephants through PETA-land, which provided a nice setting for the cartoon.