If you're in Hampton Roads, forget whatever you were going to do tonight. Wendy's will still be there tomorrow, and you've already seen tonight's episode of Everybody Loves Raymond--you know, the one where he squabbles with his mom? This is gonna be a great concert in a great venue for a great cause.
deb.jpg For the last year, Deb Archer has been a good friend and commenter on this blog, beginning with her charming submission to last year's Self-Portrait Marathon. I had no idea she even lived in this area until one day last summer I was walking down Colonial Avenue, minding my own business, when a voice called out, "Wally Torta! Is that you?" After getting over the humiliation of being easily recognized from the grotesque self-portraits I had posted, I trudged across the street and made her acquaintance. Well, a lot has happened since then, including unpleasant things leading up to a forthcoming bone marrow transplant, which, as anyone who has watched "Sicko" knows, is one of those necessities that it is impossible for any normal human being to afford. Thus, the benefit concert. The headlining group, The Influence, is really really good, and that would be a true statement even if the lead singer weren't Deb's son. Doors open at 7, so even if you have plans involving sexual activity (it is Friday night, after all), you can put it off for a hour or two. Deb's worth it.