Spelt, tempeh, kashi...those kinds of words abound here. It was called "Second Time Around", which wouldn't have been at the top of my list for restaurant names, but what do I know? Two women next to me were jabbering about the theater business. One of them actually said "I wear many hats", and she wasn't talking about her wardrobe. I had forgotten how solemn these people can be about their "craft". Come to think of it, I just don't care for solemnity about anything. Life is too chock-full of pratfalls, avalanches of rotten garbage, random bowling balls falling from the sky, Rube Goldberg machinery tottering in Watts-Tower like accretions, mud and guts underfoot, to justify being solemn about anything. Leastways, that's my take on the whole mess. That's another thing--why do some people have to have "takes" on everything? Why can't they just think about stuff? Time to say "bah", I suppose... but I forget how this started. I had a really nice time walking around Park Slope. The wrap I got at the café was wonderfully studded with fresh cilantro. Can't separate good from bad, can you?