I've just learned that smiter is a word. As in "one who smites". I had thought that was an activity reserved for deities, but evidently not. I think I would like to be a smiter. As opposed to constantly being smitten. I think it would be very satisfying, when someone asks, "Hey, whatever happened to so-and-so?" to announce "Oh, I smote him. I smote him good." I'm guessing that smiting would consist of something like whacking over the head with a truncheon. But where would you get a truncheon these days? I'd probably have to resort to a three-hole punch, which wouldn't be very romantic, or very effective, for that matter. The smitee would probably just rub his or her head and say "cut it out!" I'd ask God to smite people on my behalf, but I don't want to wipe out whole civilizations, just individuals. I'm afraid His record on that score is a bit spotty. I don't want to add the deaths of thousands of innocent people to my list of regrets.