I'm really tired of buying crappy "fresh" food. I mean, if you wanted to buy prepared food, you know what you're getting, but fresh food hasn't lived up to my expectations for a long time now. Today I bought some nice-looking peaches from Harris Teeter, and they taste like wooden peach replicas. And I know they've been engineered that way for efficient transporting. Which I wouldn't mind if I thought it meant that hungry Bangladeshi children were now eating American peaches. But you know that's not happening. It's all about internal American marketing logic. We're told that we have more choices than at any time in the past, but the choices are all packaging and what's inside the packaging sucks. When you bite into a waxy tasteless tomato or a woody peach, you're eating packaging. The depressing part of it all is that there's probably nothing to be done about it. The "local" fad is fine for those who can afford the jacked-up prices and who have the free time to cruise around foraging in their Land Rovers. But there's no way it will ever become the dominant model. The whole country depends on the constant forward motion of the commerce machine, eating up resources and spitting out self-destructing junk. We may think we're in control of it, but we're not. We're just hanging on for dear life.

Damn! I sound more like a radical commie than I ever did when I was a stoont. I even owned a Land Rover at one point. I guess getting knocked out of the fast lane helps you see the traffic patterns better. Or, as I'm sure the McMansion dwellers would have it, it could be merely a case of sour grapes.