I bought it in New York last Spring, and I had assumed it was just a façade. But in desperation because I forgot to do laundry last night, I opened up the package, and sure enough, it was a complete suit! Unfortunately, it was made for a tiny person (I had neglected to check the size), and word to the wise: don't try on a too-small suit if it's made of paper. Plus, that gold watch (I discovered it was made of plastic!) is pretty firmly glued to the suit jacket, rendering it essentially unusable. And there's a wallet of some sort glued to the right leg of the pants, which would have been inconvenient. So all in all I suppose it's just as well the suit didn't fit, but man, I would have cut quite a figure in that thing! The sound of me walking alone would have turned heads. But there is rain in the forecast. Don't want to think about what might have ensued there.