Brandy is a Visla, which is Latvian for "dog", just in case you didn't reckanize her, or maybe my sketch was so poor that you mistook crosshatching for bandages, as if she were an Invisible Dog, which would make a miserable premise for a movie, since all that would happen is that small pools of urine would inexplicably appear here and there, and people would receive mysterious pokes in the groin, which, now that I think on't, might work as a theme after all, since it would result in undeserved slaps upside the head, always a rich source of humor, certainly better than hey, aren't male figure skaters ridiculous? In my book, a movie can't have too many invisible groin pokes, and I'm not just talking comedies, either, The Good Shepherd could have used a few to keep things moving along, and although I haven't seen Evening, I can guarantee that a couple of well-place invisible groin pokes would inject some much-needed slapstick humor into the proceedings.