In the interest of diversity, I have translated the text of my last post into Portuguese and back to English. Enjoy!

I know that he is petty and immature of me, but I am frightened that I to only get hurt myself above of this robust, fat head, sloppy of penis. I eye eat the type of guy that I would prevent in a party, because it would pierce me to the death with infinite histories faux-faux-cosmopolitan, as one was Twain mark comes back to walk between us, as this idiot comedian PBS always trots for is in the time of casting-raising, Mark what it is its name. Happily, I am too much social shy to turn tales in parties, or it takes care of the parties exactly, come to that one. Each time that I start a picture of my face that I say myself that this will be useful to my mind and will help to accept me, warts and everything or what it wants that, and allows that I put these feces behind me and reach the raised plan more where all more of the consequence it seems to inhabit, but it never works. I am pierced forever in my paper as the new person mounted of the world sorrow oldest. It waits one minute, me will bet that he is medications. That one is it, I am just in the clutches of some side effect or another one. I must be grateful it I am not erection 4-hour of the penis or the diarrhea or something it projects. I am seeing these colors beating, even so, functioning through the shining scale and shining entire of the color as they give to form the octopuses churning of burning hot light of the connecting rod and the cylinder pointed. The wait of the Oh, that one is my protector of the screen. Limits, Sparky, limits! Fuck!