I still like to pop in at Starbucks every so often and see how my peeps are doing. Yup, same old crowd doing their same old downtown thing. Definitely a different vibe from Ghentyland. Sometimes it seems like everyone has taken a bite of a lemon before coming in. Can this many people be in a bad mood simultaneously? I swear, I can come in and order a coffee,wait for it, take it to the little station and put in the fixings, and walk out, without ever making eye contact with a single person. About which I have mixed feelings, being as I'm probably lucky to not have to exchange social unpleasantries with these sourpusses. Man, I wish I had a nickel for every unreturned smile I've ever put out there in the ether. I'd toss those nickels into a galvanized pail--well, you know the drill.