Okay, not stickin it to the man. But I did get my first crank letter to the editor today, complaining about my saying Portsmouth was "lousy with churches". She took it to mean "Portsmouth churches are lousy" instead of "Portsmouth has lots of churches". Of course, the fact that I actually do think most churches are lousy may muddle the issue a bit. The main raison d'etre of most of the churches I've been acquainted with was to reassure their own parishioners that they were being good Christians, when they were doing nothing of the kind. If you should ever, for some harebrained reason, want to put yourself in the midst of a bunch of uncharitable people, walk into a church on Sunday morning. That or attend a Republican Party rally. Thank God both these groups are so obsessed with gay marriage--imagine how much more damage they could do if some of their fervor weren't directed at peeping into other people's bedrooms. See now, I've let you guys goad me into another rant. Naughty blog readers!