Human beings are lovely. No, I mean it. Sure, I despise a large number of them, but not on personal grounds. I really believe that we're all doing the best we can. It's just that our best is so pitiful and misguided most of the time. We really know so little about the world; when things come out right, it's usually by sheer luck. And we're not even smart enough to know what "right" is, most of the time. This calls for a whole lot of humility on our part, and we have next to none. It's bad enough to lack knowledge; it's worse when we don't know we lack knowledge. Then we go out and do stuff, and it's almost always wrong. Just about everything we do causes unanticipated suffering. Maybe not right away, but soon enough. But we grieve and we gnash our teeth and we rend our garments, and we try again. That's what makes us lovely and sad. Except for those of us who have dried up and no longer gnash and rend, who consider the riches of the world their due, and who cloud their vision, who gate their communities, who live by aphorisms, who play golf. The jury's still out on those guys. Here endeth the jeremiad. Ah, that felt good.