Well I did it this time

So yesterday I go in to the store, right? And the boss wants to see me first thing. His name is Thomas. Don't ever call him Tom though. It has to be Thomas. That begins to tell you a little bit about the guy. Anyway Thomas wants to go over my sales figures for this month. In April I was Employee of The Month, but does that count for anything? I guess not. I know my sales this month were not that hot. It was mostly because I had a boil on my neck that took two weeks to heal. People don't like to buy major appliances from a guy with a boil on his neck, its that simple. They can't help looking at it and they don't pay attention to the sales pitch I was giving about our products which blow the other guys products out of the water, I really believe that. It's what makes me a good salesman, when I don't have things on my neck that is. Anyway Thomas really lights into me about my low sales and I speak up to defend my self OF COURSE which is my right and one thing leads to another and I kind of blow my top and tell him to kiss my rosy red rectum (I don't usually talk like that but its something my Dad says all the time and it just popped into my mouth) and I slammed the front door and left. Only the door didn't really slam because it has one of those gadgets that make it close slowly no matter how hard you pull and I pulled and pulled and finally gave up. But at least I gave him the finger through the glass with both hands. Now that I'm back home and made three highballs I think I might have gone to far. Now I guess I have to go in and kiss Thomases ass but its the worst thing I can think of in the world to do. This is one of those mornings when I just want to stay in bed all day but I can't afford to.