Late last night I peeled my eyeballs from my monitor and staggered into the bathroom, and on the bookshelf was a vase with a beautiful red-orange flower bursting from it. And I thought: someone has surprised me and snuck into my apartment and left me a wonderful gift. And I thought, I sure hope it wasn't a maniac of some kind, in fact I'd just as soon it not have been a male at all, and I sure hope whoever it was they didn't stick around, like in my closet or whatnot. Despite those worries, I was reluctant to rub my eyes and focus into a realization of what it really was, because even for a maniac it would have been a nice gesture and maybe a small step on the path toward rehabilitation. I did focus soon enough, though, and of course it was a bottle of spray cleaner employing the recently-discovered power of oranges as a cleaning agent. Who knew?